Chamomile oil is a soothing oil.

Roman chamomile oil can help soothe emotional irritation, impatience, pre menstrual tension.

German chamomile oil is the best choice for soothing the skin of irritation and inflammation.

Chamomile flowers in the dried herbal form are lovely for hair care, especially blonde and fair hair. And are a pleasant cup of tea, to relax and ease stress. Add honey and enjoy a lovely floral taste with sweetness.

I can supply the oils, and the dried herb form of chamomile! If you want something made up, then please enquire! A natural shampoo with chamomile, a relaxing massage oil, a soothing skin balm, a bag of dried herbs for pleasantly calming scents.

Avoid chamomile oil and even the flowers and herbal tea during pregnancy or in extreme cases of dysmennorhea. Although it is good to have a hot bath in a little himalayan salt, lavender oil and magnesium (Epsom salts) to relax. It will help the muscular cramps to dissolve when you use heat and the other ingredients mentioned. They all activate relaxation impulses of the body. And for those of you without a period or pregnancy, add German chamomile oil or the dried chamomile herb to the bath for an extremely effective bath to relax.


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