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Wonder of the Week Twelve

Lime oil is refreshing, tangy, can uplift and cleanse.

It can cause sunburn, so care is required.

Try a bath with a few drops in a carrier oil at night when you need something uplifting and energising to make dinner, feed the pets, do the dishes. In fact, you could use lime oil for at least 2 of these things.

Add it to a Thai, or Key Lime Pie recipe, a few drops. Then clean the dishes by adding the oil to your dishwashing liquid, maybe ten drops in the bottle, and shake it well.

Add to a salt scrub for a very zingy experience. The citrus will also improve the interaction with the lymphatic system boosting actions of the salt scrub, and it may help varicose veins.

Be mindful of not spraying nor applying lime oil near eyes.


Wonder of the week twelve is delayed by Christmas time!

I will put it up soon enough!

Wonder of the Week Eleven

It is becoming elusive. And rarer. Mysore Sandalwood Oil in the pure form is difficult to obtain now. In the source area of the tree roots that were obtained previously, the trees require a lot more time to grow, they are simply too young. The Indian Government controls the Mysore Sandalwood gathering. Of course, the Mysore Sandalwood soap range exists, and you don’t have to travel to India to obtain the soap. Even though the Millennium soap by Cauvery sounds tempting, it is possible to have a similar blend of oils made to your order, as a scented balm, shampoo, massage oil, or of course soap. Although a soap that is made to order will take some time to set properly. I might try making some mini versions for you to sample, please indicate your interest on my twitter or through an email – find ways to contact me on my website.

Sandalwood has been tested for allergic reactivity, and photo sensitivity. It has also been successful in some tests, ‘Sandalwood oil, the essential oil of Santalum album L., was tested for in vitro antiviral activity against Herpes simplex viruses-1 and -2. It was found that the replication of these viruses was inhibited in the presence of the oil.’ (*1 Benencia FCourrèges MC.1999)

Do not give up hope for Sandalwood! Of course, a different type of Sandalwood will have a differing scent to Mysore, and differing chemical compositions and thus reactions and effects. One of the favoured variations is Australian Sandalwood it is grown in Southern Western Australia. More farmers are being encouraged to grow Sandalwood trees on their land when the area is not suitable for other types of crops. So we should see more Australian Sandalwood oil produced in future. It is a native to the area, and so the climate and soil is very suitable. ‘Australian Sandalwood is a unique native tree crop, grown for its high value aromatic heartwood over a 20-25  year rotation, with potential to generate income from the oil rich nuts from age 5 as new products are developed. Well adapted to wheatbelt conditions, sandalwood plantations can aid in managing agricultural risk through diversification and contribute towards reducing salinity and erosion in wheatbelt farming systems.’ (*2 ASN) So it is also a sustainable oil, the trees can remain in the ground instead of being taken completely for the roots for oil harvesting. Although it is still a common practice to harvest the Australian Sandalwood trees. ‘For each green sandalwood tree harvested the contractor must plant at least 12 seeds near suitable hosts.’ (*3 Wescorp) The nuts can produce oil relatively quickly. A lot of perfumers and aromatherapists have made the switch to Australian Sandalwood oil due to the issues surrounding Mysore – ecosustainability, quality of the oil.

It certainly is a useful oil. You can employ it in foot powders, for deodorant, with hand rolled incense, in candles, soy wax melts, tealight candles, as a meditation scent, as a perfume blend addition.

A 6ml bottle of pure Australian Sandalwood will cost $44.95. A soy wax tealight set of 8 in Australian Sandalwood will cost $19.95 – That’s nearly $2.50 per candle! An excellent bargain can be had if you choose to buy a set of 12 Australian Sandalwood Soy Wax Melts for (the oil burner top) $39.99. The soy wax melts are long lasting, and often can be reheated. The soy wax softens in the heating process, and then solidifies once cooled. The beauty of a soy wax melt in an oil burner top is that all the precious oil is retained. If you use  some of the precious Sandalwood oil in water on an oil burner top, it will most likely waste and burn. Plus it relieves your stress not to have to refill the top of the burner with water, and you can meditate or do other activities without worrying.




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Wonder of the Week Continues!

I have changed devices and moved interstate since the last post for Wonder of the Week. I was conscious that some people may be wondering where I disappeared to!

It was a sudden change, but I am really settling in now to Melbourne, Victoria from Cairns, Queensland!

My next Wonder of the Week will follow in a short space of time.


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Wonder of the Week 10

Can’t quite get rid of your foggy stuffed up sinus feeling? Maybe this will help!

Eyebright herb in the dried form can help relieve the swelling of swollen sinuses. Inhaling the steam over a hot bowl of water with dried Eyebright herb could help to soothe.

Crusty eyes in the morning? Try a strained eyebath of Eyebright. An easy way to clean eyes that have conjunctivitis is to use a clean face washer soaked in warm Eyebright water. Make sure it is well strained to avoid tiny little bits of dried herb bothering your eyes! That’s the last thing you want, when your eyes are already irritated, stinging, hot.

Liver conditions also benefit from Eyebright, so try treating your organs gently with Eyebright tea. Soak the dried herbs for 5 minutes, and then strain and enjoy! Maybe add a little honey or sweetener if you find it too intolerable, or add other herbs you like the taste of. Go with your instincts, if you want to try Mint tea with Eyebright, or Chamomile, or even just with Camellia Sinensis, typical tea! Or Rosehip, whatever combination you might find pleasing to your tastebuds.

I can supply all of the above herbs in a dried form, except of course, for the Camellia Sinensis. That can be bought anywhere, pretty much!


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Wonder of the Week 9

If you enjoy herbal tea then juniper tea is a very pleasant tea to drink for your health! Juniper berries in a dried form are a very nice taste, warm and spicy. Good for all sorts of kidney and urinary tract complaints.

The berries from the teapot are then reusable as a herbal poultice. Applied with a clay powder, and then left on the mid to lower back covered with a natural fibre cloth, they are a fantastic therapeutic treatment. Kidney stones may dissolve with this combined treatment. Urinary tract infections will improve with the dual attack method, of external and internal application.

To really boost the treatment, also massage in juniper leaf oil diluted in a carrier oil such as grapeseed, apricot or almond oil! Apply to areas affected by pain, or specifically to areas of skin above organs if you know their location. The oils will soak into the skin, and the warmth of a massage will also be relaxing, even somewhat, for those in lot’s of pain.

To hyper boost the treatment, have a bath with a few drops of juniper leaf oil. Even if you can only use a small container for a hip bath, just to sit and soak for a while is good for you!

Where can you buy these abovementioned things from?!

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Wonder of the Week 8

Chamomile oil is a soothing oil.

Roman chamomile oil can help soothe emotional irritation, impatience, pre menstrual tension.

German chamomile oil is the best choice for soothing the skin of irritation and inflammation.

Chamomile flowers in the dried herbal form are lovely for hair care, especially blonde and fair hair. And are a pleasant cup of tea, to relax and ease stress. Add honey and enjoy a lovely floral taste with sweetness.

I can supply the oils, and the dried herb form of chamomile! If you want something made up, then please enquire! A natural shampoo with chamomile, a relaxing massage oil, a soothing skin balm, a bag of dried herbs for pleasantly calming scents.

Avoid chamomile oil and even the flowers and herbal tea during pregnancy or in extreme cases of dysmennorhea. Although it is good to have a hot bath in a little himalayan salt, lavender oil and magnesium (Epsom salts) to relax. It will help the muscular cramps to dissolve when you use heat and the other ingredients mentioned. They all activate relaxation impulses of the body. And for those of you without a period or pregnancy, add German chamomile oil or the dried chamomile herb to the bath for an extremely effective bath to relax.


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