Wonder of the Week 7

Wonder of the Week 7


Blood poisoning from an accidental cut of the gardening tool of the late Alfred Vogel was healed by using the whole Echinacea plant, as he was previously advised to use by a Native American Chief.

Alfred Vogel also discovered on one of his many journeys in a Malaria infested zone, unvaccinated, that a morning and evening application of 40 drops of Echinacea tincture was an excellent immune system support. Especially evident when compared to the fact that a traveling companion of his had been immunised for Malaria and did not believe in taking the tincture – he became ill. Alfred Vogel remained in a fit state. The arrogance of Vogel’s travelling companion was actually also that he was ignorant of the fact that, although he had lived in the same country that they travelled through for 14 years, his usual living area was not plagued by Malaria.

It was also discovered by Vogel that Echinacea proved effective as an immunity rebuilder for chronic catarrh and can even defeat the same chemical that is found in some snakebite venom.

A herbal tea of dried organic Echinacea tops is beneficial for the immune system.

Samantha Aungle’s Treats can assist you to have an excellent immune system by selling you the Organic dried Echinacea tops.

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Wonder of the Week 6

Frangipani is well known as a tropical flower. Flowers typically have 5 white petals, with bright yellow upon each petal. Some are of a pinkish hue.

The beauty of the flower nestled on a lady’s ear is evocative of Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Hawaii, Tahiti, Laos, Nicaragua, India, and Northern Queensland in Australia.

Frangipani flowers are treasured by many cultures, for sacred ceremony and purposes; to indicate relationship status.

Frangipani oil evokes memories or desires of travel to tropical floral gardens, and warm sunny beaches.

There are many possibilities for Frangipani oil for your own use, wherever you are in the world!

Create a beautiful bath with the oil, the lovely aroma will ensure your mind is refreshed, your skin will also enjoy the wonderful and highly esteemed rejuvenating floral from the “Tree of Life”. Anti inflammatory in effect, it will soothe your muscles, ulcers, post operative skin.

An oil massage with Frangipani will not only restore your body but also soothe your soul, as well as impart a delicate fragrance on your skin.

Samantha would love to make you an Organic Coconut Oil with Frangipani, to be used for a sensual and divine hair oil, or for a melty massage.

If you want to have lasting Frangipani perfume, then Samantha can make it for you! By itself or with subtle additions of other scents. All your choice!

Frangipani soy wax melts and tealight candles are available for sale in Samantha’s Etsy shop. Enjoy the subtle fragrance!

Any orders can be placed, it is no trouble! Samantha specialises in making personalised Treats to order.

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I am hormally imbalanced

Sorry no Wonder of the Week.

Wonder of the Week 5

Roses are heavenly, aren’t they?! Their scent, and the feeling that roses elicit from admirers. It is not easy to produce Rose Otto on a small scale. Sixty thousand (60000) roses are steam distilled to produce one ounce or thirty mls of pure Rose Otto oil! Starting at 6ml, Samantha Aungle’s Treats Rose Otto is well worth it, when you consider that it takes around 1200 rose bushes to produce about 12,000 roses – and that will make just 6ml of pure Rose Otto! The average price of a good rose bush is $20, so when the rate of $25,000 is paid for 1200 rose bushes, plus labour and transportation costs, steam distillation, shipping, and all the other costs, it makes sense to buy the best Rose Otto oil with all the hard work already done for you! Bulgaria has long produced roses, and have some of the best Rose Otto on the current market. I ask $275AUD for Bulgarian Rose Otto 6mls. What an excellent price for such a wonderful oil! The organic Rose Otto ensures that all organic farming requirements have been met, to the strictest standards. This guarantees an astoundingly pure oil! If you require the Organic Rose Otto 6ml is $375AUD.

So you can understand now, that it takes many petals to create the pure scent, that retains all of the qualities of Rose. And that pure rose oil is highly valued, and far easier to obtain from a business with established links to the best sources.

Never buy cheap rose oil or imitation rose oil! It will not do justice for your nose, nor will it possess the skin enhancing and healing properties that true Rose Otto has. Don’t give in to the fear of not being able to afford it, as Samantha Aungle’s Treats can order Rose Otto at 3% dilute in Jojoba Oil starting at small sizes in glass sealed bottles. For 6ml of Rose Otto 3% Dilute, it will cost $40AUD. The glass bottles are coloured and do not allow light to destroy the delicate rose fragrance or properties. From 6ml size and up. And I also can order Organic Rose Otto 3% dilute in Organic Jojoba Oil, also starting at the small 6ml glass sealed bottle size for $80AUD.

Howver, if you want to go right ahead and buy the 100% Rose Otto, I can order it fresh for you! Please email Samantha at saungle@me.com for any enquiries!

Rose Otto dilute at 3% can make a massage very pleasant, as well as healing your skin. It is advised that caution is used by pregnant women when using Rose Otto, even when it is in a dilute of jojoba. If you wish to try Rose Otto when pregnant then by all means do so – at your own risk!

It is best to enjoy Rose Otto -however you choose, buy your pure Rose Otto, and dilute in a carrier oil yourself, or buy the Rose Otto already diluted at 3% in Jojoba – with salts for a bath that will revive your lymphatic system and skin cells, whilst leaving a pleasant scent on your skin and in the bathroom! To really work on your lymphatic system, it is best to use Rose Otto diluted in carrier oil with a good salt such as Himalayan Salt, and scrub the skin when dry before showering, using a boar bristle brush if you truly want to use your scrub to the fullest potential. Stimulating the lymphatic system will ensure that toxins and fats are broken down more easily, and can be of great assistance to any weight loss plan. Even those who do not want to lose weight can benefit by stimulating sluggish circulation. The Rose Otto can add to those benefits for your circulation, and improve immunity at the same time.

Rose petals were scattered at the feet 18 inches deep for Cleopatra, when she met with Antony! Imagine just how exquisite life was as a Queen, in ancient Egypt! This can happen for everyone today! Samantha Aungle’s Treats can make a heavenly romantic setting happen for your wedding, theatrical performance, movie, or anything requiring a Rose Petal filled atmosphere!

At my online Etsy shop I have Rose Otto 3% Dilute scented Soy Wax Tealight Candles for sale! Already made. If you like them and want to buy more than my stocked amount, I can make them to order! I also have made Rose Otto 3% Dilute Scented Soy Wax Melts, in a delectable little size for you to enjoy!

I nearly forgot to mention! In a few weeks I will be selling tiny toners -5ml-of Rose Water. One percent of the Rose Water is Rose Oil, as it is part of the water used in the steam distillation process for Rose Otto.

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Wonder of the Week 4

Lavender is a beautiful purple to blue hued flower, with many uses.

It can be used as an oil, a dried herb, or fresh. Candied lavender is a lovely addition to baked goods and desserts. Marshmellows are made into wonderful taste sensations with lavender buds added.

Imagine a lavender marshmellow biscuit! Mmm!

Or a lavender sponge or souffle!
Is it possible? It may well be!

Besides the fantasies of beautifully scented food, lavender is great to apply as an oil for healing purposes.

Insomnia – use a few drops on your pillow.
Headaches – dilute a few drops of lavender oil into a carrier oil such as jojoba, or rosehip. Massage into your temples and behind your ears. Wherever it is sore or tense. It should be relaxing for you!
As a disinfectant – you can have a beautifully scented body, floor, laundry; whilst the antibacterial elements of lavender do their thing.

The dried herb can be added to your clothing contained within a sachet, for a time honoured aroma!

Or I can make a lovely salt scrub containing freshly added dried lavender for you to enjoy! If you want to amp up the scent and potency, then lavender oil can also be added! However you prefer!

There are a few different types of lavender oil available. I can supply you with –

French Alpine
Mont Blanc

Each type varies in sweetness, pungency, effect.

I also can supply dried lavender flowers –

Make up your own sachets, and place them all around the home for a lasting scent that is not likely to irritate the sinuses. I can make sachets for you, if you prefer, and combine with other dried flowers and herbs!

Whatever you think of, I can help you to obtain it, cheaply! Don’t buy the cheap imitation, thinking that you will save money! Buy the real thing from me and you will notice the difference!

An example of how you can save money buying from Samantha Aungle’s Treats:

Order 100grams of dried purple lavender.
I will make up some mini sachets for you containing the dried lavender by itself.

I charge $20 for 10 mini sachets, totalling 100g. That is $2 per mini sachet!

If you were to order dried blue lavender in the same quantity, I would charge $4 per mini sachet.

The mini sachets of dried lavender can be used for –

scented drawers – lovely lavender socks and lingerie!

wardrobe – light lingering freshness!

bathroom pot pourri – nicer than a synthetic room spray!

hallway pot pourri – a pleasant greeting for all who walk through the door!

laundry – in the sachet with clothes to be washed, leave it in and have a lovely fragrance in your clothing!

If you want to make your home pleasant and clean smelling, then real lavender should be acceptable to most noses!

If however you do want a room spray, then I can make one for you freshly!

I now live closer to my supplier, so I can make your desired aromatherapy and herbal products sooner than before!

Some things come in little packages, some things can be for an entire gathering of people! And pets!

Lavender is pet friendly, so if your cat wants to bat a bag of this dried herb about, then you’re sure not to shout!

In ancient times, nard or denarii were the names used for lavender. Also nardus, from the Syrian city Naarda. So when you see the word nard mentioned in the Bible, should you read it, you can appreciate the scent by recognising it!

A part of The Song of Solomon:

nard and saffron,
calamus and cinnamon,
with every kind of incense tree,
with myrrh and aloes,
and all the finest spices.

Roman exchange rate for 100 denarii per pound equalled 50 haircuts from a barber, or one month of a farm labourer’s wages.

But it was very useful, as the herb was used for washing purposes. And the powdered form was excellent for adding to medieval fare!

Wonder of the Week 3

Sage has many uses for people in this current day as well as being utilised many centuries before now.

Many people know of sage as a nice herb to add to their cooking. Sage is also an excellent mouth treatment herb.

Sage can treat mouth ulcers, sore gums, be useful as a natural mouth wash or part of a natural toothpaste.

Also you can try a sage remedy from medieval times, macerate sage leaves in white wine – red wine would add colour to your teeth that might be unpleasant! Add a little good salt, such as Himalayan, with plenty of nutrients. Voila! You have a natural mouthwash!

I can supply all of your herbal and salt requirements! My aim is to bring back natural products and to give people good healthy skin, hair and inner health! I will take time to discuss your individual products. I supply most of my homemade Treats freshly made. Aside from some items for market stalls such as Soy Wax Tealight Candles and Soy Wax Melts. Even these can be made just for you!

Sage has enjoyed the status of a healing herb with the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The Latin – salveo means to heal. The salvation from death, going on the ancient proverb:

Why should a man die who has sage in his garden?

Ancient Greeks used sage to treat consumption, ulcers, snake bites.

Romans found sage a sacred herb, so they were bound to treat sage with due respect, in a gathering ceremony. Iron knives were not used as they did not react with sage well. Thus a special knife would be employed for sacred duty. Purity and cleanliness were essential to the task. Clean feet, who knows why? Well maybe it was similar to the Wiccan rituals of today, cleanliness must be observed before a rite. The clothing must also be clean, perhaps soaked in a special blend of herbs and salts before hand and left in the sun to gather sacred energy. The food sacrificed before beginning, not to appease the gods and goddesses, but to offer a form of energy recognisable to those who were believed to have created the chicken, fish, lamb, whatever they used for sacrifice.

Sage was then blessed and suitable for use as a toothpaste, memory enhancer, for stimulating the senses, enlivening brain function.

Chinese people also have enjoyed sage in their massive herbal collection. They traded with the Dutch in the 17th Century, exchanging tea of three chests value, for one chest of sage. Sage was thus also more expensive than tea going by the exchange rate!

Sage is wonderful for stuffing mixtures, herbed bread, topping a savoury snack, so try the dried herb! You can also use sage dried herb in a paste for your gums. Or if you prefer, sage oil can be used – but do keep in mind it has a powerful effect with a little bit!

Wonder of the Week 2

Known to some people as a scalp treatment oil. It will assist you in healing scalp conditions such as dandruff. It is a hair oil as well. Some believe Rosemary Oil massaged into the scalp can promote hair thickness, growth and hair condition. Of course, as with any oil you must use a carrier oil. Organic Coconut Oil is a perfect complimentary hair and scalp oil. It is best to apply the oil with your head resting so the oils will not run into your eyes. Then to wrap your head in a warm towel or natural cloth. To enjoy a thorough scalp massage for perhaps ten minutes, or more is greatly beneficial to loosen the dry flaky skin and stimulate the scalp. Also try Rosemary Oil with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar as a scalp and hair rinse. Try to identify the cause of your scalp irritation and stop using the irritant. It may also be that your scalp and hair have conditions that are weather related, or climatically influenced. So there is perhaps a difficulty in rebalancing your scalp condition. It can also be food related, so look into it, if it really bothers you and you can’t seem to rid of the problem.

A few drops of Rosemary Oil can be nice in your food. In pesto, pasta sauce, on pizza, in salad dressing. The skies the limit with your imagination and sense of taste. You can also use Rosemary Oil in gelatin or vegan fillable capsules. To take it internally is very beneficial, and can aid your skin and scalp from the inside.

Your intestinal health will also benefit, and Rosemary can help digestion – possibly why it is so common to eat Rosemary leaves with lamb and other meat dishes.

If you have trouble breathing, then Rosemary can also assist. It can help with allergies, asthma, bronchitis.

I can supply the dried Rosemary herb, the Rosemary Oil, and a carrier oil for diluting, so you can apply the oil to your skin without fear of irritation. You could even blend the edible Organic Coconut Oil and use a pipette or a glass dropper to fill empty capsules to take internally.

Physicians in the 15th Century such as Paracelsus used Rosemary to strengthen constitution. So it can help you in many ways!