If you enjoy herbal tea then juniper tea is a very pleasant tea to drink for your health! Juniper berries in a dried form are a very nice taste, warm and spicy. Good for all sorts of kidney and urinary tract complaints.

The berries from the teapot are then reusable as a herbal poultice. Applied with a clay powder, and then left on the mid to lower back covered with a natural fibre cloth, they are a fantastic therapeutic treatment. Kidney stones may dissolve with this combined treatment. Urinary tract infections will improve with the dual attack method, of external and internal application.

To really boost the treatment, also massage in juniper leaf oil diluted in a carrier oil such as grapeseed, apricot or almond oil! Apply to areas affected by pain, or specifically to areas of skin above organs if you know their location. The oils will soak into the skin, and the warmth of a massage will also be relaxing, even somewhat, for those in lot’s of pain.

To hyper boost the treatment, have a bath with a few drops of juniper leaf oil. Even if you can only use a small container for a hip bath, just to sit and soak for a while is good for you!

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